Eryadi Masli was formerly Deputy Head of Group – Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship, and was Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce (International Business). His research is multi-disciplinary, and current research interests include the effects of Chinese cultural values on marketing practices of Overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, biotechnology cluster development, and financing of new ventures. Eryadi is presently working on the IIAs (integrated impact assessments) in six ASEAN countries (the project is funded by AusAid’s Pacific Public Sector Linkages Program Grant (over $1 million).

Prior to joining Swinburne’s Faculty of Business & Enterprise, he had been working as a securities analyst and investment banker in Thailand and Indonesia for 12 years. He has taught undergraduate as well as MBA courses at Thammasat University and Assumption University, Bangkok (Thailand). At Swinburne, he has taught Marketing Innovation Management; North East Asia and India – Business Context; and Asia – Business Context (undergraduate as well as postgraduate). Presently, he is teaching capstone courses (Integrative Business Practice and Industry Consulting Project) for third year undergraduate students as well as convening and teaching two core units of international business.

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