Manik Hapsara is a holder of two Doctoral degrees in Information Systems (University of New South Wales, 2019) and Biomedical Engineering (University of Warwick, 2009), respectively. He has a strong affinity towards technology adoption motives, technology policy, and innovation decision-making, and has more than 25 publication titles on digital transformation in public organizations. Since 2010, he has taught numerous IT subjects, e.g. Database Design and Analysis, Data Modeling, Visual Programming, Web Development and Design, Software Engineering Methodology, Information Systems Management, and IT Governance among others, to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia and Indonesia. Additionally, Manik is also a certified professional in electronics engineering (MIEAust), SAP ERP, Cisco CCNA, ISO-9001, and CEH.

Manik Hapsara is an experienced IT professional and information system researcher. He has a strong record in the development of IT solutions for a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, automotive, publishing, and higher education. Between 2009-2013, he was a Senior Business Analyst and had been involved in the implementation of technology strategy and enterprise information systems for petrol stations in Indonesia. During the time, he had further taken a leading role in the development of the data and information systems architecture of an Indonesian university, leading to ISO-9001/IWA-2 certification. Manik had also completed software development lifecycles whilst leading several digital transformation initiatives in England. He was responsible for the development of the Manufacturing Resources Planning system at a Liverpool-based company in 2003. Between 2005-2006, he led the implementation of an online admission system at the University of Warwick


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