Indonesian Academics and Researchers Network Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

IARNA was established in 2016 in Melbourne to develop and foster a strong network between Indonesian Academics and Researchers in Australia. The current members consist of academics (Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer) and postdoctoral researchers in the State of Victoria. The network is still growing to include members in other states in Australia.


To establish a strong and significant network of Indonesian Academics and Researchers that will play a leading role in high-quality research and higher education in different disciplines in a global scale.

Mission Statement
  1. Leading in producing outstanding research and high-quality higher education in different disciplines.
  2. Support the development of Indonesian Academics and Researchers to be world class leaders in their field.
  3. Actively involves in world problems in relation to research and higher education.
  4. Facilitate interactions between government, research and education institutions in Australia and Indonesia in relation to research and higher education.
  5. Facilitate access to Indonesian experts in research and education.
  6. Facilitate access to opportunities in relation to research and education.

IARNA work in synergy with I-4 Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia International (