Riyana (Mira) Miranti is an Associate Professor at IGPA. She holds a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University (ANU).  As a socio-economist, she has a strong research interest in the areas of social wellbeing and equity particularly focusing on the issues of disadvantage, poverty, social exclusion and inequality affecting children, youth, older people and other groups of population. Mira has two countries of specialisation, Australia and Indonesia.

Mira has been working under several Australian Research Council (ARC) grants which focus much on children and youth wellbeing at a small area level which explores the multidimensional measures of wellbeing. She has been one of the key researchers who developed the Child and Youth Social Exclusion Index at small area level in Australia. She has led research about social exclusion among older adults, contributions and challenges of Australian migrants and also small area inequality in Australia. She was a Chief Investigator for an ARC Linkage project which analyses workforce vulnerabilities amongst mature aged Australians (the project finished at the end of 2015).

In addition, Mira has continuously worked extensively in the area of economic development for Southeast Asia, particularly for Indonesia. Prior to her PhD, she worked as a Research Associate at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore.  Mira has also led many applied commissioned research projects on Indonesian economic development issues for various international agencies including the USAID, UNESCO, OECD and the ADB, particularly in the areas of poverty, inequality and social protection for children.  Mira is currently a Convenor of the IGPA Indonesia Program.





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