Dr Janto Haman is a Senior Lecturer in Financial Accounting and Auditing at Monahs University. Janto has published in journals such as Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society; British Accounting Review; Corporate Governance: An International Review; Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics; Accounting and Finance; Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money; Emerging Markets Review; Asian Review of Accounting; and Accounting Education.

Janto’s research interests include earnings management (earnings quality), share-buybacks, mandatory (voluntary) information disclosures, initial public offerings, underpricing (IPO wealth loss), earnings forecast, corporate governance in non-family and family firms (Agency problem types 1 and 2), intangible assets (e.g., goodwill), directors’ remuneration including stock options and restricted stock, and firm performance, stock liquidity, investment efficiency in capital, R&D expenditure and labour, and meta-analysis.



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