Dewi Tojib (PhD, Monash University) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Monash Business School, Monash University (Australia). Her research and doctorate supervision interests are in the field of services marketing. In particular her research focuses on consumer responses to service transgressions, consumer adoption of mobile services including self-service technology, and the dynamics of omni-channel service experiences. Her research has been published in Journal of Services Research, European Journal of Information Systems, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, and Journal of Services Marketing among others. She has had great involvement at the Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) and currently serves as International Editorial Board of the Journal of Organizational and End User Computing. She is also a passionate educator who continually explores and implements innovative and practical ideas to foster students’ interactive and independent learning and had received commendation from the School for teaching excellence.


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