Professor Caroline Chan is the Head of School of Business IT and Logistics and is a full professor of Information Systems. She undertakes research in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management.

Professor Chan has chaired various academic and industry projects including the Management of Food and Grocery Distribution in the event of a Human Influenza Pandemic in 2007, the development of National Food Composition Database in 2010 (Scoping Study) and 2011/12 (Pilot implementation) and the development of the GoScan smart phone application in 2010.

Professor Chan speaks regularly in academic and industry events and has received numerous services awards for industry-associated projects including GS1 Recognition of Excellence Award for Academic Advancements in Supply Chain Management in 2007. Professor Chan was a member of the Australian Federal Government’s Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce in 2012/2013 and a chair of international panel for the World Bank project in 2014/2015.

Professor Chan has over 20 years teaching experience and she teaches in the area of Business IT and Supply Chain Management in Melbourne and overseas. In recognition of her innovative teaching approaches, Professor Chan received National Carrick Australian Citation Award for outstanding contributions to student learning in 2006.

Caroline is currently the president of Australian Council Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (ACPHIS), the peak body established to represent Australian Information Systems academics in matters of national and international importance.


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