Brahm has a medical degree and general practice training from Indonesia. He was a lecturer in medical microbiology before undertaking his Master of Public Health and PhD in Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales on healthcare-associated infection prevention and control. His experience in health promoting schools, the Indonesian Catholic healthcare association and the AusAID Human Resources for Health Knowledge Hub cemented his research interest in health services in low-resource settings and cross-cultural knowledge translation for disease prevention and control.

Brahm has lectured since 1996 in Indonesia in microbiology, infection control, research methods and evidence-based medicine at medical, nursing and pharmacy faculties, both at the undergraduate and masters levels. In Australia he teaches and supervises undergraduate medicine, MPH and PhD projects in public health and infection control. He joined the Western Sydney University School of Medicine in 2013 as a PBL tutor, and then as Lecturer in Community Research 2013-2014. Brahm is now the Senior Lecturer in Community Engaged Learning, convening the Year 3 Medicine in Context attachment. He is also the School of Medicine’s Director of Engagement and oversees the School’s community engagement partnerships and initiatives.



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