Dr Riza Yosia Sunindijo is the Director of Postgraduate Research and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Built Environment. Previously he worked as a project engineer, project manager, and sustainability champion in multi-national construction and project management organisations. He joined UNSW in 2009 as a sessional staff before becoming a full-time academic in 2013.

He is drawn to construction due to the dynamic nature of the discipline where various stakeholders collaborate to achieve common project objectives. He also appreciates the contributions of the discipline to develop a nation and provide critical infrastructure that enhances the wellbeing of people.

He is particularly passionate in the areas of health and safety, and human resource management within the discipline, where he has focussed his research efforts for a number of years. He is also interested in research in disaster management and construction management in the context of Indonesia. His papers are published in international journals and conferences. He has also received recognition and awards for his teaching and research performance.




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