The followings are the network members listed in alphabetical order (last name)

State of Victoria (VIC):

  • Dr Amanda Achmadi – University of Melbourne – Asian architecture and urbanism
  • Dr Dina Afrianty – La Trobe University – Gender, politics, international relations and women’s rights in Muslim societies
  • Dr Aditya Ardana – CSIRO – Polymer chemistry, bioengineering
  • Dr Rifai Chai – Swinburne University – Brain-body machine interface
  • Professor Caroline Chan – RMIT University – eBusiness and supply chain management
  • Professor Ismet Fanany – Deakin University – Indonesian language, linguistic, culture, and society
  • Professor Vedi Hadiz – University of Melbourne – Asian studies (societies, politics)
  • Dr Janto Haman – Monash University – Earnings quality, pay and performance, IPO pricing
  • Professor Ariel Heryanto – Monash University – Indonesia cultural studies, media studies, and postcolonial studies
  • Dr Nadirsyah Hosen – Monash University – Sharia and Indonesian laws, constitutional law
  • Dr Novana Hutasoit – Swinburne University – Additive manufacturing
  • Associate Professor Sherah Kurnia – University of Melbourne – ICT for Development, inter-organisational systems, strategic IT decision making and enterprise systems
  • Dr Eryadi Masli – Swinburne University – Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Dr Marthin Nanere – Marketing research, productivity measurement, sustainable marketing
  • Dr Bagus Nugroho – University of Melbourne – Turbulent flow, aerodynamics, flow control and rough surface flow
  • Associate Professor Denny Oetomo – University of Melbourne – Robotics in medical and clinical applications
  • Associate Professor Alfons Palangkaraya – Swinburne University – Innovation, intellectual property rights, globalisation, and firm performance
  • Dr Mulyoto Pangestu – Monash University – Clinical embryology
  • Dr Eric Pardede – La Trobe University – XML databases, community-built databases, and health informatics
  • Professor Daniel Prajogo – Monash University – Quality, operations, supply chain, and innovation management
  • Dr Adi Prananto – Swinburne University – IS/IT management; IT governance, process innovation through IS/IT
  • Professor Wenny Rahayu – La Trobe University – Database integration and optimization, knowledge discovery, and big data management
  • Professor M Akbar Rhamdhani (President; Coordinator VIC) – Swinburne University – Extractive metallurgy, metals recycling, materials processing
  • Dr Grace Rumantir – Monash University – Data science, causal modelling, application of data mining
  • Associate Professor Agus Salim – La Trobe University – Bioinformatics and biostatistics
  • Professor Cordelia Selomulya – Monash University – Bioactive composites, food, functional (nano) material, medical diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Dr Agung Yoga Sembada – Swinburne University – Services marketing; consumer psychology; marketing education
  • Professor Sen Sendjaya – Swinburne University – Leaderships
  • Dr Ken Setiawan – University of Melbourne – Intersection of legal anthropology, history, politics and society in Asia, with an emphasis on Indonesia
  • Associate Professor Ly Fie Sugianto – Monash University – Business analytics and artificial intelligent for market study
  • Associate Professor David Taniar – Monash University – Computation theory and mathematics, distributed computing, information systems, mobile databases
  • Associate Professor Dewi Tojib – Monash University – Impact of new technology use on consumers, multi-channel retailing and services, customer responses to service failures
  • Associate Professor Bambang Trigunarsyah – RMIT University – Post-disaster reconstruction, infrastructure project delivery, project governance, constructability
  • Dr Petrus Usmanij – La Trobe University – Business intelligence
  • Dr Ariane Utomo – University of Melbourne – Demography (Gender, Marriage and Family, Labour Market, Youth)
  • Dr Dina Wahyuni – Swinburne University – Carbon accounting and management

State of New South Wales (NSW):

State of South Australia (SA):

  • Dr Fatwa Adikusuma – University of Adelaide – Biochemistry, molecular biology, gene and molecular therapy
  • Dr Beben Benyamin (Coordinator SA) – University of South Australia – Biostatistics
  • Ms Firda Firdaus – Flinders University – Language, culture and society in integrated language learning, critical strategies for developing language curriculum designs, language and ideology
  • Dr Chandra Kirana – University of Adelaide – Biochemistry, molecular biology, cancer biology, clinical oncology
  • Prof Veronica Soebarto – University of Adelaide – Building thermal/energy simulation, environmental monitoring, sustainable building design and assessments, human thermal comfort
  • Dr Priyambudi Sulistiyanto – Flinders University – Indonesian politics, southeast asian studies, local politics in southeast asia, politics of reconciliation

Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

  • Dr Harun Harun – University of Canberra – Public sector accounting and management, auditing, intellectual capital, accounting change
  • Dr Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin (Coordinator ACT) – University of Canberra – Mathematics education, education
  • Dr Arianto Patunru – ANU – Environment and resource Economics, international economics and finance, economic development and growth
  • Associate Professor Riyana (Mira) Miranti – University of Canberra – Wellbeing and disadvantage; development economics; applied microeconomics; migration; gender issues
  • Professor Budy P Resosudarmo – ANU – Development economics, resource and environmental economics, agricultural economics, public policy, inter-regional modelling, econometric and statistical methods
  • Dr Paulus Justy W Siwabessy – Geoscience Australia – Geoscience, underwater acoustics, multibeam sonar
  • Dr Iwu Dwisetyani Utomo – ANU – Demography, social change, studies of Asian society, culture, gender, sexuality, reproduction
  • Dr Yogi Vidyattama – University of Canberra – Regional/spatial economics; small area estimation; development economics (incl economic growth); public finance
  • Dr J Nicolaas Warouw – UNSW Canberra at ADFA – Politics and lifestyle of Indonesian industrial labour, anthropology of climate change and natural disaster, local politics in Indonesia
  • Dr Firman Witoelar Kartaadipoetra – ANU – Development microeconomics
  • Dr Dina Yulia – CSIRO – Biochemistry, molecular biology

State of Queensland (QLD):

  • Dr Jerico Pardosi – Queensland University of Technology – Public health and health services, health promotion